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Google’s Local Campaigns Are Rockin’ It for Dealerships

In this age of digital advertising, it seems like everyone has a shiny new product or service that promises to get you results. While it is essential to try new things and stay on-trend so you don’t fall behind, it is hard to cut through the clutter. With that said, CBC Automotive Marketing has been getting great results for our clients by utilizing Google’s new Local Campaign strategy.

Google Local Campaigns factor in a wide range of signals to reach consumers who are most likely to visit your dealership, including but not limited to user intent, distance to your business, device, search queries, etc. Leveraging these campaigns will enable you to reach your customers-to-be on YouTube, the Google Display Network, Google My Business, Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Maps, the most trusted navigation app on the market, can now be used to point consumers in your direction, literally. When someone searches for a car dealer near them and you have a local ad campaign running, your dealership will jump to the top of the results even if you’re geographically a little bit further away than the competition. You’ll even have your own branded business “pin” on the map to differentiate your dealership from every business in your immediate area. It will look a little something like this.

A map mostly in shadow except for a circle with Toyota R. Motors in the center.

Here is where it gets interesting. Once we have our ad assets, budget and store locations, Google’s machine learning technology will automatically optimize bids, ad placements, and asset combinations. The aim is to maximize your in-store value (using store visits, clicks, and/or direction clicks) and promote your business across Google properties and networks. The targeting radius can vary depending on the targeted locations and a user’s preference of travel distance. Other factors that determine targeted radius include: vertical, population density and existence of competitors.

If you’re still reading this and aren’t convinced that Google Local Campaigns can benefit your dealership or group, you are likely wondering about the cost. Since this product is new in the Google portfolio, and is only being utilized by a few on-trend agencies that have their finger on the pulse of the digital marketing industry (such as CBC Automotive Marketing), it’s very affordable, and VERY effective.

We had a client give this a try and after just a month of optimizations, a $150 spend resulted in 200k impressions for a CPM of under $1.00, with 103 phone call conversions!

If you want to differentiate yourself in your local market, then it is crucial to stay up-to-date on trends, whether it’s Google, Facebook, Display, Email, OTT...and the list goes on. It's not easy, but that’s why we’re here, to cut through the clutter and get you results. Let’s have a conversation about your dealership or group today.

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