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If you’re not on Streaming TV, you should be. This medium has become an essential part of any dealerships’ advertising mix. With more people dropping cable and consuming their shows on major apps, streaming allows you to reach cord cutters and target low-funnel audiences specific to your brands and sales needs. This “tradigital” medium blends the traditional linear TV reach with the frequency and targeting of digital campaigns, delivering an effective new way to get your dealership in front of the right people.



Stay on the cutting edge of SEM technology and increase online leads, website traffic, and sales With CBC Automotive Marketing’s SEM Program. Through advanced machine learning, our bid and budget optimization algorithm delivers the fastest performance of any optimization technology out there. By predicting and adjusting bids every 30 minutes, our technology optimizes your SEM campaigns faster and more frequently than any other solution, keep you ahead of the competition.


​Our Automotive SEM Services Include:

  • Full integration with existing analytics platforms, or the installation of a complete analytics solution (if needed)

  • Split testing (A/B testing)

  • Accurate and consistently updated ad copy

  • Optimized sitelink extensions

  • Dynamic keyword insertion and testing

  • Analytics reviews to optimize campaigns, maximize performance, and support dealership goals.

  • Manufacturer compliant campaigns



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. Investing in CBC’s SEO program will increase your website’s relevancy and help you rank “above the fold” on search engine results pages (SERPs). With several Tiers to accommodate your dealership’s SEO goals and budget, any work completed on your site will follow Google Guidelines to avoid any penalization from search engines.  Additionally, any SEO package includes time optimizing your Google Business Profile which become increasingly more important for quality SEO results.


​Our car dealer SEO packages include:

  • Discovery session where we discuss your needs, goals, and pain points

  • Website analysis for areas of opportunity

  • Install Google Analytics for tracking and data (if needed)

  • Install additional tools like Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Claim local search pages

  • Creation of quality inbound links from relevant, established websites

  • Deploy press releases as part of a link-building strategy

  • Continual review of social media websites for opportunities to leverage social media for gains on SERPs

  • Explore opportunities for the development and deployment of video, both on site and off

  • Deployment of optimized landing pages (and microsites if needed)


Email marketing is effective, measurable, and targeted. Compared to Direct Mail, Email saves you money and reaches buyers currently in-market for your vehicle brand. With Five different packages to choose from, CBC Digital can create the perfect Conquest Email Marketing Campaign for your dealership.

CBC Automotive’s Email Marketing programs include:

  • Strategy and execution consultation

  • Customized creative

  • Targeted lists based on your ideal consumer demographics

  • Scheduled deployment through our network of email service providers

  • Email deployment optimization for results that go beyond expectation

  • Approval by OEM compliance

  • Full coordination with your current message and marketing strategy


Social Media

With hundreds of millions of North Americans on social media, this marketing channel is an important investment for your automotive dealership.  A significant and visible presence on platforms like Meta (Facebook and Instagram) will help engage current and prospective customers in your community.

Sponsored Campaigns

What makes CBC Automotive Marketing Social Media campaigns different?

Customized creative every month

Advanced Targeting to In Market Buyers

Access to Oracle Data for additional targeting and conquest opportunities

Most importantly, we will help you generate more leads and sell more cars.


Content Generation

Don’t have time to develop your social media pages? Our team can create and post content that properly reflects the in-dealership experience your team provides to customers, on your behalf. With a comprehensive social media strategy at your side, you can’t lose!


Programmatic Display

First of all: What is programmatic display? This term covers a variety of solutions centered around displayable content focused on a specific audience. CBC Automotive Marketing designs your content around your dealership and brand and distributes them to your audience using dozens of targeting parameters. The best part? They’re served when your customers are most likely to engage with your advertising and your dealership.


As with all our Digital Marketing solutions, we track the performance of your programmatic ads, and deliver a full report with the exact number of people who saw your ad, interacted with it, and/or turned into a concrete lead.  It’s effective, quantifiable, and doesn’t require a huge investment.



Don’t spend money in places your consumers aren’t. CBC’s Research program takes the guesswork out of your media buying, creative development, and strategic planning.  

When you participate in our research program, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • What calls customers to action?

  • How can you reach more qualified buyers? 

  • What marketing channels are most effective for YOU?

  • How can you optimize every single dollar spent on your media buys?


​Make smarter decisions backed by data when you work with CBC Automotive Marketing


Engaged User Metrics

Nearly half of all online car shoppers choose to remain anonymous until they arrive at a dealership. In other words, measuring your digital effectiveness by form fills and phone calls is both inherently flawed, and costing you traffic.

We have a better way. By utilizing the machine learning technology of the IBM Watson Computer, we found a correlation between specific website visitor behaviors and future sales. We can track these behaviors on your website to determine precisely how many serious buyers have been driven to your site during any given time-period from any digital marketing channel.


What that means for you:

  • Get the full picture of your digital effectiveness.

  • Discover which programs are truly most effective.

  • Increase your traffic substantially by focusing retargeting campaigns on engaged buyers only.


Data Rules our world. We make smart, educated decisions to help YOUR dealership grow. From Google Analytics to Sales Data to Customer Research, we want to make sure everything we talk about is backed by data.

We supply our partners with a unique dashboard built specifically for them. It’s one stop shop for all our (and your) data needs! Get a full breakdown of your ad performances so we’re always on the same page. No guessing where your money is going. Every penny is accounted for when you work with us!



Do you automatically think: “No one listens to the radio anymore!” For some dealerships/metro areas this isn’t accurate. For others, Streaming Radio is the way to go. Either way we’ve got you covered.


Whether you’re online, or on air, CBC can get you the very best inventory and placements for the smallest investment possible.


Streaming Radio

Our Media Buyers work directly with the major streaming outlets to create custom targeted audiences around your ideal buyer. Whether you’re looking for New Vehicle buyers, Used Vehicle buyers, or need to reach specific zip codes, we can do it for you.

Terrestrial Radio

Believe it or not, there is still a place for a good, old-fashioned Radio buy (emphasis on the good). CBC considers all aspects when building a cohesive marketing strategy, and having a broad media message can go a long way for your dealership!

TV and Cable

When it comes to TV and Cable, CBC Automotive Marketing delivers. Not only do you get a team that advocates for your dealership (and wallet), but you also get a team who knows your market inside and out, so your ad is delivered to the right people at the right time.

Combine that with our killer creative, your dealership is sure to succeed.


​Sponsorships, PSA’s, Premium Programming

​Want your ad to run during the Super Bowl or Academy Awards? Thinking about that Sponsorship Opportunity with the local news station? In addition to planning and buying spot schedules, CBC excels at negotiating sponsorships, promotions, and premium programming. We can also help you support your local communities through PSAs and community causes.

Out of Home

Our team works with all kinds of mediums:

  • Traditional and Digital Billboards

  • Bulletins

  • Posters

  • Transportation Wrapped Boards

  • Sports Stadiums

  • Movie Theaters

  • Shopping Malls


All of these out of home opportunities combined with some killer artwork can increase brand awareness in your area. Check out some of our custom creative!

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