CBC Automotive Marketing offers a wide variety of Programmatic Display Advertising solutions customized for our clients. With our Programmatic Advertising solutions, automotive dealers are able to use dozens of targeting parameters in order to serve ads to “in-market” customers at the right time: when they are most likely to engage with your advertising and your dealership.

As with all of our Digital Marketing solutions, when it comes to Programmatic Display Advertising for automotive dealers, CBC tracks every important metric allowing you to know the exact number of people who saw your ad, interacted with it through a click or other action, and/or turned into a concrete lead.

The power of Programmatic Advertising is being leveraged by more and more large corporations and successful businesses for one reason: it works. Programmatic is effective and quantifiable, and one of the things our clients really love about Programmatic is that it doesn’t have require a huge amount of investment.