Optimized for You

Automotive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an absolute necessity and one of the best digital tools your dealership can implement to increase online leads, traffic and sales. It’s is a flexible way to target specific markets in an affordable manner.


By deploying SEM ads (otherwise known as Paid Search advertisements) around targeted keywords you can quickly staple your dealership to the top of search engine results pages with a message, offer or incentive of your choosing.

Our automotive SEM services include:

  • Full integration with existing analytics platforms, or installation of a thorough analytics solution were needed.
  • CBC’s SEM team constantly reviews analytics data and optimize our car dealership SEM campaigns over time to maximize performance. This optimization includes several components, including ad split testing, updating ad copy, revising sitelink extensions and testing dynamic keyword insertion, among other options.
  • CBC Automotive Marketing also ensures that our automotive SEM campaigns are written, executed and reported to comply with manufacturer co-op guidelines. We have experience working with every manufacturer and understand the rules that different programs require.
  • CBC also utilizes machine learning automation to gain a competitive advantage for our clients when it comes to SEM and paid search advertising. Our bid and budget optimization algorithm delivers the fastest performance of any optimization technology on the market. By predicting and adjusting bids every 30 minutes, CBC’s technology optimizes more often than any other solution.