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Prioritize Messaging Over Data

Updated: Apr 2

"Everyone's getting the same message [from the OEM] and that doesn't work." - Bob Myhal

Everyone is peddling data. Data has become the defining factor for vendors and the OEM alike. But does data really differentiate a company?

There is no denying that information is valuable. As marketers it gives us insight on who is interested in your dealership, your inventory, and who is in market to buy. This is all valuable, but is it the defining feature of any company you partner with?

The reality is: all the data in the world won't make a difference if your messaging is off. I know this probably made you recoil in horror that data comes in second place, but if people don't prioritize your messaging over data, it won't matter if you are in front of the right buyers. This is where working with the OEM approved marketing agency becomes a challenge. Any OEM approved marketing agency is going to use the same assets and language prioritizing the brand over what your dealership brings to the table. This puts you at a disadvantage, especially if your competition is making the effort to differentiate themselves.

If everyone is getting the same message and treatment there is no getting ahead. That's good for the manufacturer, bad for the individual dealership.

We all have data. There is no limitation of data available. There is a limitation on creativity and differentiation when you're signing up with mass production marketing company. Why would anyone want to blend into the masses when it's so important to carve new roads?

If you have concerns about working with an OEM Approved Marketing Company and want to explore other options, give us a shout:


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