Sell Cars with Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media strategy CBC strongly encourages dealers to have a significant and visible presence within Facebook and Instagram to engage with current and prospective customers in their community. It’s this effort that generates more leads and helps your staff sell more cars. Underdeveloped social media pages make your brand look, at best, disinterested, and at worst lazy, and do not properly reflect the in-dealership experience that you and your team provides to customers. At CBC Automotive we recognize that a comprehensive social media strategy involves both organic posting and paid search (SEM) to make it successful and we have affordable packages available to deliver on both.

With hundreds of millions of social media users in North America, there’s little doubt about how important social media can be for your auto dealership when leveraged in the right way. However, many dealers still struggle with how to engage their audience through social media, and how to measure success. Fortunately, CBC Automotive Marketing stands ready with solutions to both.

Learn more about how custom audiences, remarketing, advanced targeting to in-market intenders and our partnership with Oracle can help you sell more cars via social media.