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You Deserve Better

You deserve a marketing agency that is dedicated to YOUR success, not the manufacturer’s.

CBC is committed to each dealership we work with.

Every client gets:

  • Expertly developed strategies.

  • A team that knows what it takes to make a dealership successful.

  • Creative that builds your brand and is unique to you.


Here’s how the competition stacks up against our experience and knowledge:

THEM Startups after The Great Recession with limited experience.


US 40+ years in the industry – overcoming every challenge.

THEM Narrow focus on media of choice – often with a pre-determined plan for you modeled around an "average dealership."


US Full service approach where all media is reviewed, considered, and executed specifically with your needs in mind.

THEM Templated creative where your OEM brand is the point of emphasis.


US Custom creative where your dealership brand – not the OEM brand – takes center stage.  

THEM Massive employer with rotating entry-level employees assigned to your account at random.


US Boutique agency where all front-facing team members are senior level.  Client assignments are handpicked by agency leadership based on fit, experience, and ability.

THEM OEM alliance is the priority – not your dealership.  They operate within manufacturer-dictated conditions because their business model depends on volume. 


US Your dealership needs are all we focus on.  We are intentionally independent and our business model is designed to make an impact for the best dealers in America – not every dealer. 

THEM Red tape, bureaucracy, and endless help desks, tickets, and faceless people in call centers. 


US Our team is nimble, attentive, and will be in your dealership regularly.  You have immediate access to all members of your CBC team on demand – with no barriers.  

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