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Building Your Personal Brand in Automotive

Updated: Mar 22

The success of a dealership

One thing I have learned since starting my career in automotive marketing is there are many factors which go into the success of a dealership. A large part of my job is to present to current and future customers a dealership brand and retail messages. But with everything we do in advertising and marketing, it will not succeed without the effort from those who work at the dealership. Beginning with management all the way to even part-time employees. I believe individuals within the company have a responsibility to make the business successful. One way to do this is creating a personal brand.

Personal Branding

Personal branding on social media can be a great tool for salespeople, general managers, and those in the service department. Building a personal brand will help to drive more customers through the door and help to retain current customers. References and word of mouth are some of the best ways to attract people to your business. If others know what a great experience their sister/brother/neighbor had, the more likely they are to frequent that dealership. To build your personal brand take a step back. Reflect on who you in your company and what sets you apart from others. Show people that you’re ambitious and determined to be a part of someone’s successful car buying journey. Let everyone know that this is what you do for a living and they are important to you. Ask yourself, “What makes what I do here special?”

Keep it fun!

Try to stay away from gimmicks and cheesy sales lines. Customers don’t want to be sold. They want to trust the person they are working with. Once they do, the sale will come naturally. You earn trust by being genuine and real. In addition, stay away from making your page 100% automotive and keep it fun. Share company events. Commend personal success within your company. Add fun videos or memes that make you more relatable to customers. You are going to want to keep your posts consistent. Remember, you are representing not only your brand, but also your company as a whole. Be aware of non-work related posts that may appear on your personal page. Do they harm your personal brand? Are they a positive reflection? When building your brand be aware of your content. Make sure what you are showcasing is appropriate to what you are trying to convey. A great way to relate to a customer is to include them in your posts. Taking pictures with customers who just purchased their first car or their 5th car is a smart way to show that you care about their business. Caption the photo in your own voice and especially get permission from your customer and thank them in the post.

Compliment your social branding with old school tactics.

Do you have business cards? Pass them out wherever and whenever possible (and appropriate). Hand write a thank you note to your customer who purchased a new vehicle. Or hand write a note to a previous customer that may be in the market to buy again. Anything you can do to keep a relationship going with your customers will prove to benefit your personal success. Your business will thrive with a strong marketing partnership and a well-rounded marketing plan that includes your personal brand. It’s a collaboration between agency and dealership that make for high sales numbers and, most importantly, a great reputation.

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