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Ford Website Providers: Who Are They and How Do You Choose?

How do you measure the success of your dealership website? Is it how many leads you get? Average VDP views? Number of website visitors each month? Whichever way you slice and dice it, every single one of these important metrics will underachieve if your website is difficult to navigate. With all of our clients, we always stress the importance of a seamless, well-designed, mobile-friendly website.

Think of your website as your digital front door: it’s often the first place your potential customers will come in contact with your business. It’s where most of your traditional, digital, social media, and display advertising dollars lead to. If that site isn’t designed to engage and guide your customers through their car shopping process, then they’ll quickly jump to a cute panda bear video on YouTube, or even worse, the next car dealership site on their list.

As most Ford Dealers know by now, FordDirect recently announced that moving forward dealerships will have the choice of four website providers. Before, all Ford dealers had to use Starting in 2018, Ford dealers will have the choice of working with:

  1. (but you’ll need to upgrade your template!)

Here’s a sample list of some dealers who currently use each of these website platforms:


CDK Global




Jazal Automotive Solutions


So many choices! While some features are similar, each platform has its own list of pluses and minuses. If you’re uncertain which direction you should go, then just fill out the form below to request a free consultation with our Digital Team. We’ll dig in to help you to determine which platform would be the best fit for you and your dealership.

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