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#1 Ford Blue Advantage Group in the US – 2 Years in a Row!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

By Matt Hayward – Director of Business Development

Congratulations to the Team at Gary Yeomans Ford’s four Florida locations in Daytona Beach, Palm Bay, Ocala and The Villages for finishing 2022 as the #1 volume Ford Blue Advantage Certified Pre-Owned Group in the United States, for the 2nd year in a row!

Individually in 2022 Gary Yeomans Ford Daytona Beach was #2 in the US, Gary Yeomans Ford Ocala was #7 in the US, and Gary Yeomans Ford Palm Bay was #39 in the US!

CBC Automotive Marketing’s relationship with the Gary Yeomans Dealerships began in early 2021, during a chaotic time where the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent microchip shortages had upended the traditional ‘rules’ of dealership operations, buyer habits and automotive marketing in general.

Leadership at the Gary Yeomans dealerships understood that in an environment with a new inventory shortage, used vehicles – and particularly Certified Pre-Owned vehicles –  would be more important than ever. To that end, they began emphasizing Ford Blue Advantage vehicles in their operations, a streamlined buying process with tangible customer benefits that set them apart from their competition, and they worked with us on emphasizing these areas on the marketing side of the equation.

For the last two years, Ford Blue Advantage Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and their benefits have been a key component of our marketing efforts, including (but not limited to) targeted digital marketing, traditional marketing, video, audio & graphic art. Media Habits Research is also utilized daily to ensure the right media are being chosen in an ever-changing landscape. All of this is layered on top of a rock-solid foundation the Gary Yeomans Dealerships have already built over the years with a strong reputation for being community-driven and offering an honest, customer-service based experience on top of aggressive pricing and a large inventory.

The lion’s share of the credit for their success rightly goes to the Gary Yeomans Team and their hard work each and every day. The combination of this hard work with their customized targeted marketing has led to Gary Yeomans Ford’s stores becoming the #1 Ford Blue Advantage CPO Group in the United States for 2021, and again for 2022!

The CBC Team is very proud to be a small part of the Gary Yeomans Dealerships’ big success!

Are you looking to grow at your dealership or group, while streamlining your processes and sharpening the pencil on your budget? See for yourself why top dealerships nationwide have been partnering with us for 40 years! Contact us below or click here to schedule your free consultation.

Matt Hayward is Director of Business Development and a Senior Account Manager at CBC Automotive Marketing, a Maine ad agency working across the United States with successful dealerships and dealership groups.

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