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What Drives Customers to Buy at a Dealership

What Drives Customers to Choose a Dealership

What drives customers to buy? For many buyers its about more than finding the perfect car; it's about choosing a dealership that aligns with a customer’s needs. Despite the rise of people researching and comparing on the internet, the dealership itself continues to be a valuable part of the buying experience. A dealership is a resource, a part of the community, and an opportunity to build trust with buyers. That’s why we’re covering the top three things that convince customers to purchase a vehicle at a particular dealership.

1. Excellent Experience

An Award for a dealership from 2022 for their hard work selling vehicles and delivering an exceptional customer experience for their customers.

For some of you, this is a bit obvious. However, some dealerships prioritize other factors (namely gross profits) over a smooth and comfortable experience for their customers. And believe it or not, we've seen their sales suffer because of it. If you would like to be a dealership that focuses on the customer first and foremost, there are some small choices you can make that will have a big impact for your customers both in (and out) of the showroom.

How to drive Customers to Buy with Experience

  • Asking how best to communicate with them. Phone calls are out, texting is in.

  • This can feel like an over-used buzzword, but it’s necessary.

    • Make sure your pricing at the dealership is the same as on your website.

    • Let people know what additional charges to expect so nothing surprises them.

  • Think of your website as an extension of your dealership.

    • A smooth website experience will lead to a smooth in person experience.

    • Your website should be as warm, friendly, and inviting as your physical dealership.

    • Make it easy for them to buy online.

The customer experience goes beyond a warm smile and a willingness to help, although those are certainly important. If you’re looking to make a real difference for your customers, put them first. When you go the extra mile to address their concerns, answer questions, and provide clear explanations about vehicle features, financing options, and warranty details, your customers become free advertisers for you. Happy customers leave happy reviews and refer their friends and family to your dealership, all from just a little extra effort.

2. How to Drive Customers to Buy With Selection and Pricing

The second pillar that convinces customers to choose a particular dealership is pricing and availability. 60% of buyers do research online before buying, which means they’re on your competitors page and comparing pricing. Buyers want a deal; they want to know they’re overpaying, and if your dealership is more expensive it’s very likely they will go with your competition.

A dealership storefront with plenty of inventory for customers to choose from.

In addition to pricing, vehicle availability and variety is crucial. Customers want to know that the vehicle they're interested in is readily accessible for a test drive and potential purchase. If you don’t have the right inventory mix for your area it can actually lead to less leads and decreased sales.

People are picky. Customers want what they want, which means you need to have what they want, plus it needs to be organized and easy to locate. Customers appreciate the ability to browse through available options without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Added Value Services

The third driving force behind customers' choice of a dealership is the array of value-added services they offer. It’s a competitive market out there, it’s important to find ways to differentiate themselves by going beyond the standard transactional experience.

Drive Customers to Buy with Services

  • Extended warranties, service packages, and maintenance plans provide additional opportunities for you and your customers. These packages provide peace of mind to customers so they know their investment is protected, and that your dealership will support them throughout the ownership journey.

  • Value Ads like service shuttles for customers while their vehicles are in for repair, or loaner vehicles for longer term repairs is a great way to ensure some car repairs aren’t going to interrupt their life too much. Additionally, mobile service vehicles are excellent way to expand your dealership reach and provide a level of convenience your customers wouldn’t find anywhere else.

A well equipped service department for all the customer's needs.

The trifecta of exceptional customer service, low prices and diverse selection, along with value-added services collectively play a significant role in influencing customers to choose a particular dealership. A dealership that prioritizes these aspects can create a lasting impression, turning potential customers into loyal advocates for their brand.

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