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Utilizing Video in Automotive Marketing

Updated: Mar 22

There’s no question that video is the most powerful medium to get a message across to many people in a very short time.  So why aren’t you using it everywhere you possibly can?  Especially on your website.  Let’s take a look at three ways you can incorporate video into your marketing efforts to make you stand out.

Review Video

Review videos are your opportunity to showcase your product to interested buyers.  With over 85% of car buyers doing most of their shopping on-line, you may have only one chance to engage them before they visit the dealership from which they will buy.  Walk around the car, shoe the inside, tires, trunk, instrumentation.   You don’t need fancy music or narration, you can even do these with a smartphone.  Just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and show what you would like to see if you were buying that car.  Don’t make these into self promotion videos.  That should be done on your website in other appropriate places.  This is purely to present your product to a perspective buyer.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos give your already satisfied customers a chance to tell your new customers what a great place you are to do business.  These can be done at the time of delivery and again, need not be high-cost fancy production.  Have the salesperson record a few comments from their customer as they deliver the vehicle.  Customers are excited when taking delivery and should give you lots of fertile material to show to visitors to your website.  Do not try to fake these.  Actors, friends, family members will be spotted right away.  Believe me.  I’ve seen it done and I’ve never seen it succeed in the 26 years I’ve been doing it.

Image Video

Image video may be the most difficult to pull off but may be the most influential video you post.  This is where you talk about yourself, about your heritage, your business philosophy, and all the reasons that customers should come buy from you and not the dealer down the street.  Tug at their heart strings, tell them all the wonderful things you do in the community, make an emotional connection.  Don’t forget that they can buy that Family Truckster at several other dealerships and you need to give them a reason to choose you.  Don’t skimp on this one.  This is your chance to differentiate.  Imagine it is your visual resume.

Video is powerful and I’m betting underused by your competition. Be the first to the table and you’ll reap the rewards.

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