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CBC Automotive Marketing Partners with Oracle Data Cloud to Deliver Customized Consumer Audiences

Updated: Mar 22

CBC Automotive Marketing is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Oracle Data Cloud that will enable our automotive clients to further succeed in the digital marketing sphere.

As a leading data-driven provider of digital marketing services in Tier 2 and Tier 3 automotive, CBC understands the exponential results achieved when the right advertising message is married with the right consumer audience.

Oracle Data Cloud Automotive

Through our partnership with Oracle Data Cloud, we can pinpoint customized audiences in Facebook, Google, and other key digital networks through utilizing integrated consumer data from R. L. Polk, IHS Marketing, Transunion, and more.

CBC’s partnership with Oracle Data Cloud allows us to better target, personalize, and measure digital automotive marketing campaigns. Oracle’s research shows that their behavioral-based auto audiences are 15x more likely to purchase a target vehicle than national baseline.

By Partnering with Oracle Data Cloud CBC Automotive Marketing can enable our clients to connect with the right customers via the digital platforms they frequent most often. Beyond this, we can personalize consumer messaging and interactions as well as measure the effectiveness of each engagement.

To learn more about how CBC Automotive Marketing’s partnership with Oracle Data Cloud can help propel your dealership’s digital marketing to the next level, please contact us today at

Oracle Data Cloud Automotive

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