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The Lone Email Blast is Dead. Long Live Multi-Channel Email Marketing!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

What is a Multi-Channel Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is still a valuable channel for reaching customers, but it is evolving. Today’s successful dealerships are embracing multi-channel email marketing campaigns – which synchronize email marketing content and strategies across multiple channels, like your website, mobile app, SMS, and social media.

Multi-channel email campaigns and all the data that goes with them are increasingly delivering holistic solutions that help auto dealerships send more relevant messages, not just more emails. Rich multi-channel customer data is also driving better targeting and more effective engagement at the most opportune moment, which translates into better ROI.

What to Look For

When shopping for an email marketing solution, automotive dealers should be looking for features that can power multi-channel campaigns, like the ability to sync data across multiple channels, the ability to customize different flows based on customer behaviors and the ability to leverage content across multiple channels. Finding a solution with these capabilities gives dealers the flexibility to make their marketing programs more relevant, personal, and powerful. It’ll also save time and resources—two things everyone is always eager to find more of.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Email Marketing

There are clearly a lot of conceptual benefits to multi-channel email marketing. But what are the specific benefits?

Multi-channel email marketing increases engagement and loyalty.

When dealerships use multi-channel email marketing, they're able to create a more cohesive user experience that leads to increased engagement and loyalty. This is because prospects and customers see the same messaging and branding across all channels, which helps keep them engaged.

Multi-channel email marketing increases reach and efficiency.

Multi-channel email marketing helps dealerships reach a greater number of people than they would with just one channel. Synchronizing content and strategies across multiple channels can also make multi-channel email marketing more efficient overall, compared to using individual channels.

Multi-channel email marketing increases brand awareness and retention.

When messages are consistently delivered across multiple channels, a more-unified brand experience with increased brand awareness is created for prospects and customers. This also helps increase conversion rates and drives down your cost per lead, because when people have a consistent experience across all channels, they're more likely to be persuaded to act.

Another key benefit of multi-channel email marketing is improving customer retention rates. By delivering a consistent experience across all channels, customers remain engaged with the brand and are encouraged to keep coming back. This is especially beneficial for businesses, like dealerships, that rely on repeat business over time.

If you aren’t utilizing multi-channel email marketing at your dealership or group, now is the time to start! If you’re looking for an expert to help your dealership or group uncover and execute your best-performing marketing strategies, reach out to CBC Automotive Marketing and let’s have a conversation.


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