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You Deserve Different Marketing

Updated: Apr 2

"We go all in... [We create] fully encompassing strategies and executables that move the needle for your dealership and only your dealership." CEO Joe Schena

Think of your biggest competitor. If we asked you: Do you want the same marketing strategy as that competitor; what would you say? If the answer is yes, it might be time to rethink your strategy. If your answer is a vehement no, you're in the right place.

What we're seeing with dealerships who have signed on with OEM approved manufacturers, is a homogenization of both creative and strategy and you deserve different marketing. If we have learned anything in our 40 years of business, no dealership, or dealership DMA for that matter, is the same. And yet, we see marketers take the same approach with every client they sign. For us it's a point of pride to be able to delve into a dealership and build a brand that accurately reflects what makes them different from the competition. And isn't that the point of any marketing strategy?

That's not to say working within OEM guidelines isn't important, no one around here wants strikes from the Manufacturer, however, we also don't want our clients fading into the background with duplicated creative and lazy strategy.

At CBC our clients are our number one priority. We build everything from scratch, from Facebook ads with custom audiences, to Streaming ads with featuring dealership footage, to carefully curated SEM campaigns. This also means our interactions with clients receive the same care and attention. The OEM can't claim that.

Curious to know more? Connect with us to see if we're a good fit for you!

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