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Media Buying & the Pandemic – Part One: The Impact on Media Habits

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

By Faith Logan – CBC Research Director (with Shenelle Diprisco)

Through the last 15 months, the world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Exactly how are people spending their media time these days? Through our Media Habits Research Program, CBC Automotive Marketing has tracked major shifts in how, when, and where consumers are engaging with both traditional and digital media platforms.  However, while these shifts were clear, the details are more challenging to discern.

For example, people have been spending a lot less time listening to the radio while commuting or at work. Our research shows that people have been home, spending significantly more time, on average, binge watching shows, using streaming services, listening to Internet radio, and engaging in social media. Perhaps their media habits shifted due to a complete change in daily routine, or maybe people were simply seeking to escape the pandemic by engaging in different types of media for entertainment to pass the time.

Regardless, as the pandemic hit, media habits changed practically overnight. And the current media landscape remains an elusive and constantly moving target. One thing is for sure – these complexities have transformed the way marketing experts must approach their strategic media planning and buying processes.

Without ongoing research and data collection, it is impossible to keep up with the constant shifts in people’s media consumption habits.  If you or your marketing agency are not tracking this data, you’re likely leaving money on the table or simply throwing it out the window!

How can media habits research save your auto dealership money and help you navigate media buying and the Pandemic?  Stay tuned for Part Two.

If you would like to talk about how CBC’s Media Habits Research Program can help your dealership, let’s have a conversation!

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