Media Habits Research

For over 35 years, CBC Automotive Marketing has been helping our dealer partners sharpen the pencil on media buys.

CBC’s proprietary Media Habits Research program is customized to each market, helping media buyers hone in on the most effective media channels to advertise on.  We survey your buying customers – because understanding their media habits allows you to profile and target similar, highly qualified buyers in your market.  This helps optimize efficiency, eliminate wasteful spending, and maximize ROI.

Our Media Habits Research program has the flexibility and versatility to tell you virtually anything you would like to know about your buyers’ media habits…

  • Interested in finding the right mediums to bolster your digital presence?  No problem!
  • How about the top radio stations and listening times for your stores?  No problem!
  • Looking for buyers’ top T.V. news or cable networks in the early evening time slot?  No problem!
  • Would you like to go a step further and cross-reference that information with specifics like vehicle model or new vs. used buyers?  No problem!

And CBC’s Media Habits Research program is implemented on an ongoing basis, so the data is never outdated.  When a minor shift or major media shakeup happens in your market, we know the effects immediately and can make necessary adjustments.  It also shows you important trends over time, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve, short and long-term.

Whether it’s digital, T.V., radio, or newspaper, knowing the right media to buy is imperative.

CBC’s Media Habits Research program has helped hundreds of auto dealers optimize their advertising budgets and drive more qualified buyers to their stores.  Let us help you do the same!

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