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Top Ten Marketing Strategies You NEED to Succeed in 2023:



Optimized Google Business Profile

Developing a fully optimized Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is crucial for 2023 and beyond. While Website content is still important, Google is placing a higher emphasis on GBPs for local businesses and optimizing yours will make a significant difference. An intelligently optimized GMB will enhance your online visibility and increase your chances of appearing in local search results. Additionally, a well-optimized Google Business Profile will positively impact your local search rankings, helping you attract more targeted organic traffic and conversions.


PMAX Campaigns

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns utilize advanced targeting options, such as demographics, interests, and behavior, to deliver highly targeted and precise advertising. Additionally, PMAX campaigns both optimize your ad spend and increase the likelihood of conversion resulting in improved campaign efficiency, higher click-through rates, and a stronger return on investment.


Meta AIA

Meta Automotive Inventory Ads offer exceptional targeting capabilities to reach in-market buyers with precision and efficiency. By harnessing computer learning, Meta AIA ads optimize your ad campaigns in real-time, serving your ad to consumers looking specifically for vehicles on your lot. Because of this, these ads deliver higher conversion rates and maximize your return on investment. Leverage the advanced Meta AI with these high performing inventory campaigns


Measuring Website Engagement

Gone are the days where bounce rate and leads were the reigning metric. Now the best way to measure the success of your marketing is Engagement. Engaged users interact with your content and website. Metrics like session duration, scroll rates, and number of image views give marketers a clear picture of marketing success and enable dealers to more fully understand the ROI of their advertising dollars.

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OTT Streaming

Smart dealers know how to combine the power of video advertising with the data-driven audience targeting capabilities of today’s stream media services. Streaming content providers like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube Live and others deliver a potent one-two punch of brand recognition and the ability  to target in-market shoppers. When you add to this the compelling data that consumers are more likely to respond to any of our digital ads if they recognize your brand name, you begin to realize the ability of streaming ads to deliver a robust, cost-effective, and must have element to your marketing mix in 2023.


Customer Data Program

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) specifically optimized for auto dealers offers a crucial alternative to third-party cookie-based marketing by prioritizing first-party data, thereby increasing dealership control over customer retention and acquisition. The future of automotive marketing depends on these platforms for managing dealership data and enabling precise targeting in competitive markets. If you do not currently have a CDP in place, please contact us for a list of our preferred CDP providers.

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Google Analytics 4

​If you haven’t converted to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics, you need to immediately. GA4 is going to change the way we look at metrics, and understanding how to leverage its advanced capabilities is crucial for any data-driven dealership. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers several benefits: user-centric measurement, cross-device and cross-platform tracking, machine learning-powered insights, streamlined data collection, integration with Google Marketing Platform, privacy and compliance features, and futureproofing for web and app properties. GA4 improves understanding of customer journeys, simplifies data collection, and enhances privacy controls while integrating with other Google tools.


Just Say No to SEO Myths

Not all SEO is created equal. There are crucial differences between poor quality, surface level SEO and highly effective, in-depth SEO. The former is a waste of time and money; the latter is a worthwhile investment that will pay off in significant upticks in organic traffic. As you can probably guess, effective SEO is time-consuming and difficult. Bad SEO is quick and easy. Among other things, effective SEO involves natural keyword usage, earning high-quality backlinks, maintaining transparency, creating original and valuable content, and implementing sustainable long-term strategies. The focus is on providing value to the users while adhering to search engine guidelines. Not sure about which bucket your current SEO efforts fall in to? Contact us to take a look and let you know.


Machine Learning/AI

We have seen the future of successful marketing, and its name is AI. In 2023 and beyond, your marketing team, partners, and vendors need to utilize AI tools to enhance data-driven insights, personalize customer experiences, automate tasks, improve lead generation, and stay competitive. In the hands of marketing experts, AIs can help analyze data, target audiences, and predict behavior. They enhance customer interactions, offer timely support, and provide recommendations. They automate tasks, boost productivity, and reduce errors. They generate leads, nurture them, and optimize campaigns. They monitor trends, analyze competitors, and identify opportunities. AI tools empower marketers with efficiency and agility in the marketing industry. You do not want to be playing catch up here. Do not wait to start leveraging the power of AI across your marketing.


Third Party Listing Sites: Good or Evil?

How long has it been since you looked at the metrics of your Third-Party providers? Are they actively engaged in your site? How many conversions are you getting? While Third Party partnerships are important, it’s equally important to make sure you are getting the ROI you’ve been expecting. In many cases, you do not need to be on all the listing sites to maximize your exposure. The tricky part is deciding where the value is. One hint is that it often has less to do with the listing site and more to do with how your dealership is set up and the level of expertise and engagement your staff has. Contact us to learn more.

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