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Showcasing Your Sale Event

Sales events are tried and tested ways to generate traffic for your dealership. But a commonly overlooked part of running a sale event is the in dealership experience waiting for prospective customers when they arrive on your lot.

When planning your sale event, think of your customers first and what they expect when they walk onto the lot.  If your advertising – both online and through traditional channels – is promoting your biggest sale of the year be sure that the showroom experience matches that same enthusiasm, energy and excitement.

Car toppers, balloons, showroom posters, banners, leaflets, stickers, hang tags, static clings, ribbons and other local point of sale materials backing up your sale event creative, reinforce the magnitude of the event for consumers and establish the event as a special occasion that cannot be missed.  It also lends greater legitimacy to the offers your salespeople and managers present to customers during negotiations and increases your bargaining strength behind the limited time sale event.

The worst thing you can do is alienate a customer when they visit your dealership expecting glitz and sizzle, only to find it’s just another Tuesday night at the dealership on a hot summer night. Failing to back up the sale event can also reinforce negative stereotypes about the industry, which a portion of the buying public is always seemingly waiting to expose.

To maximize the power of your sales event think of how it will benefit the consumers you’re trying to reach and what they’ll expect upon arriving at your dealership.  Overlooking what your consumers will expect puts you at a disadvantage before the first customer even arrives, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get another shot after failing to meet expectations.

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