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Ensure Factory Compliance and Maximize Your Dealership’s Earning Potential

Updated: Mar 21

As if auto dealers didn’t have enough to worry about these days, compliance with manufacturer advertising requirements has become increasingly complex. But one of CBC’s most important and attractive services for dealers is our complete creative pre-approval process, thanks to our express commitment to producing advertising that’s fully compliant with automotive manufacturer standards. As most manufacturers have tethered advertising compliance to factory credits, it is essential to adhere to compliance as a way to help thicken your dealership’s bottom line.

CBC maintains accounts with all major auto manufacturers, and actively submits scripts and produced spots, artwork, digital assets, paid search keyword lists, direct mail, and all other types of marketing materials for pre-approval whenever required. If issues arise and a project is declined, revisions are made and the project is resubmitted until pre-approval is attained. All pre-approval submissions are documented and archived for future reference. The experience of our team allows CBC to quickly navigate the requirements and nuance of each automotive manufacturer program and deliver creative to market as quickly as possible. This ensures our process is smooth and seamless, making things easy for the dealerships we represent.

In terms of broadcast advertising alone, CBC submits an average of 150 to 200 scripts and spots per month for manufacturer pre-approval. The numbers jump exponentially when digital creative is added in. While most soar through the approval process with a green light on the first submission, others require resubmission based on any number of potential minor infractions. Some manufacturers have stringent visual appearance rules requiring special fonts, colors, and logo treatments. We go to great lengths to ensure alignment with those requirements. CBC’s close relationships with manufacturer co-op agencies ensures quick correction of any issues, delivering creative to market faster while also minimizing the risk of factory penalties for non-compliance.

As manufacturer co-op requirements and ad standards evolve, CBC is resolved to stay on top of the latest changes and adapt accordingly. In today’s complicated business climate, your dealership needs a plan that makes it easy to stay within manufacturer advertising standards and maximize the earning potential of your dealership. If you’re leaving dollars on the table, or struggling with manufacturer advertising requirements, let’s have a conversation about how CBC Automotive Marketing can help.

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