Successful auto dealers are passionate about owning their backyard, while tirelessly looking for opportunities beyond it.  How well do you understand the share of market you are capturing and the segments of the market that are slipping away?

  • Maybe you’re fighting an uphill battle because your competitors have been around longer, and you don’t have the same long-term legacy reputation in the market?
  • Perhaps your competitors are spending a ton of ad dollars, blanketing the market every month, but your marketing budget is more modest?

Constant focus on gaining market share can be risky.  More traffic does not always mean more units sold.  You need the right traffic and the insights to determine if you’re reaching the right target audience with the right message. 

You need a steady stream of qualified buyers coming to your dealership every day.  And with limited budgets, every ad dollar you spend must be allocated accurately and effectively.

A customized automotive market research study by CBC Research will help you get the insights you need to up your closing ratio by reaching more qualified buyers.

If you want to sell more units, gain market share, and take your business to the next level, CBC Research will help you reach your goals.

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