Our 39 years in business have given CBC a major advantage when it comes to media buying. We understand the necessity of professional and productive vendor relationships and have accountability standards for not only those vendors, but ourselves as well. Let CBC’s experienced team of media buyers maximize your marketing dollars and get your automotive dealership the exposure it deserves.

Whether it’s traditional or digital media placement, in California or the Caribbean, we partner with our clients to execute a strategy across all effective and efficient media channels to maximize exposure and get results for you. There’s nothing generic about what we do for you. We’re focused on your brand, your message, and your customers to drive real results.


Brandon Ford

When Brandon Ford made the decision to hire CBC Automotive Marketing in 2001, they were ranked the number four Ford dealer in Tampa, they were struggling to get their CSI up to par, and were working hard to hold gross in a highly competitive and price-driven market.

Once CBC looked at their media mix and marketing plan, we immediately determined that radio was the place for them. We began to build their brand using messages with value and an effective pricing philosophy. We featured the General Manager, Wayne Hammond, in unconventional radio spots. These spots focused on promoting their exceptional customer service and great deals without ever stating specific pricing.

Within a year’s time, Brandon Ford took a huge lead in becoming the number one volume Ford dealer in town. Two years later, they became the number one volume Ford dealer in Florida and have stayed in that position ever since. They have risen as high as the number two Ford dealer in the nation and now hold the title as number one Ford dealer in the Southeast United States and number one F-150 dealer in the nation. They also hold the distinction of having sold more CPO Fords in one month that any other dealer in history.

Since CBC began working with Brandon Ford, they have never been “in the red” including during the recession. Their CSI ranking has made a complete turn-around and their sales volume and profitability is through the roof. Even today they continue to be one of the most profitable Ford dealers in the country.