If your dealership or group is still measuring your digital marketing with KPI lead conversions like form fills,
phone calls, etc., you’re not getting the full picture.

Statistics show that nearly half of all online car shoppers choose to remain anonymous in their search, until
they arrive at a dealership. In other words, measuring your digital effectiveness by form fills and phone calls
is not only inherently flawed, it’s also costing you potential traffic.

CBC Automotive Marketing has a better way.

Our studies utilizing the IBM Watson Computer’s sophisticated machine learning technology have yielded
website visitor behaviors that correlate very strongly with future sales. By tracking this website behavior, CBC
can determine precisely how many serious buyers your website has attracted during any given time-period and
from any given digital marketing channel. The result is CBC’s Engaged User Metric.

Our Engaged User Metric:

  • Gives you a full picture of your digital effectiveness, by allowing you to compare everything in your digital ecosystem, apples to apples, to see which programs are truly most effective.
  • Helps increase your traffic substantially, by allowing CBC to pinpoint your retargeting campaigns to just those people on your website who are serious buyers, regardless of whether they’ve chosen to remain anonymous to you.

To learn more, or to get started integrating our Engaged User Metric into your marketing today, let’s have a conversation!

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