If you’re a car dealer and you do not have a mobile marketing strategy in place, then you are missing out on an entire realm of possibilities, especially among younger “millennial” buyers.

At CBC Automotive we recognize that more people now access our automotive dealer clients’ contents through their mobile device than through any other means. In fact, just take a look around you in any public place and you’ll see countless people looking at their smartphones; people interact with their mobile devices constantly.

Smart automotive advertisers know that you can’t sit around waiting for customers to find you. You have to proactively reach them where they’re spending their time. In the past, people spent their time consuming media like television, radio, and print. Today, they are increasingly spending their time in the digital world and the number one vehicle to reach that digital world is mobile.

At CBC Automotive Marketing we take mobile seriously. We offer a full array of mobile marketing solutions for automotive dealers including: retargeting, social advertising, programmatic display, geo-fencing, and lots more. Contact us today to learn how we can put an effective mobile strategy in place for your dealership.