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Adtalk January 2014 – Best Advertising Books To Get Your Year in Gear!

For the past almost 50 years I have been a serious student of advertising/marketing excellence. I attribute a lot of my own personal success to a voracious appetite for everything ever written, spoken and visualized about marketing motivation. I’ve probably spent more money on books, subscription services, audio and video programs and seminars than most, but I never seem to get enough. I’m the quintessential info/idea junky. Realizing you have a lot more on your plate than just ‘advertising/marketing’, I thought I’d help you get your ‘year in gear’ with a recommendation of six books that will truly make a profitable, rewarding difference in your business.

Ad Talk with Jim Boldebook is a monthly look at what’s working in the Automotive Advertising industry. Jim has more than 3 decades of experience in automotive advertising, but I think you’ll find as you listen that Jim’s ideas are not just about advertising, but touch on every facet of dealership success including service, human resources, sales training, facilities improvement, and even morale and motivation.


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