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CBC Automotive Marketing Clients are Setting Records: June 2020

As expected, Q2 2020 was a tough one for the US retail auto industry. When Q2 sales were announced July 1, every auto manufacturer across the board reported a significant decrease in sales compared to Q2 2019.

However, many CBC clients continued to buck the sales trend in June, just as they did in March, in April and in May! In fact, some of these CBC clients didn’t just have a good June…they set records in June!


  • A CBC Ford dealer in Michigan set an all-time Ford ranking record (#3 in the US for June).
  • CBC Mazda dealer in Pennsylvania set an all-time single-month volume record.
  • A CBC CDJR dealer in Louisiana set an all-time single-month volume record.
  • A CBC Hyundai dealer in Pennsylvania set a June volume record.

…and these are just the record months.

Many other CBC clients that didn’t set a record in June still had a fantastic month, such as a Volkswagen dealer in New Hampshire up 84% in an overall flat market and a CDJR dealer in New Hampshire that was #1 in the state both for June and for 2020 overall. If this continues thru December it will their first #1 title in their history.

In addition, CBC continues to be the agency of record for the #1 volume Ford dealer in the US, #1 CPO Ford dealer in the US and 3 of the top-20 new-Ford dealers in the US.

We’re proud to be a small part of our clients’ big successes!

The auto industry is undoubtedly in uncharted waters right now, but with 37 years of experience in retail automotive marketing, CBC Automotive Marketing can help navigate you thru, giving you your best chance of success both now and in the future.

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