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Faith Logan

The Relevancy of Radio

Is radio still relevant? In an ever-increasing digital marketing world, finding the right media mix for a successful automotive advertising campaign can be tricky. Some believe that focusing on digital-only...  Read More
Jim Boldebook

Welcome Wagon Marketing

Everyone likes a warm welcome…especially in new surroundings. Research has clearly demonstrated that a customer who has an exceptional experience with a company’s product and services during their initial visit...  Read More

Two Great New Reads on Advertising

Of the 20 books I’ve read on advertising in the past year, two stand out as must reads for anyone involved in dealership marketing. The first is ‘Cashvertising’ by Drew...  Read More

Research Increases ROI on Auto Advertising

There was a time when ‘throwing your advertising budget dollars against the wall’ might yield a reasonable return on investment. Newspaper was a powerful information format for potential shoppers. Electronic...  Read More
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