CBC Automotive Marketing


Power of the Spoken Word!

Several years ago, I reviewed research on the power of the spoken word vs. non-verbal graphic impact.  The results were stunning. 116 study participants were quizzed on brand identity, specific...  Read More

Advertise Used…Sell New!

One of the least known, most incredible retail automotive marketing stories in our history is the story of Ralph Reedman and his brothers who sold over 60,000 vehicles a year...  Read More

Branding Secrets of ‘My Pal Sal’

As a student of successful ‘branding’, I’ve always been fascinated by the branding success of one of my favorite restaurants in New York City, Patsy’s on West 56th St. It...  Read More

Phone Power!

There is a resurgence in the use of the telephone by customers seeking information on availability and pricing.  While many thought the use of email, texting and website inquiries would...  Read More

The ‘BIG 5’ of Marketing Success!

The BIG #1: Define Your Brand! Not the brand(s) of vehicles you sell…YOUR brand!  Why do people buy from you?  For decades we’ve trained our salespeople on ‘selling’ the USP...  Read More
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